Cross-functional teams, Scrum and Kanban

At LOVOO we work together in many small, inter-disciplinary teams; autonomously and with our own mission. This is how we stay agile and dynamic with 100 employees and manage to evaluate ideas quickly and put them into practice.

Whether Scrum or Kanban – each team works with the agile method that fits best. With short distances, open offices, daily meetings, follow-ups and reviews, we maintain continuous communication and knowledge sharing.

Code reviews, pair programming and continuous deployment are on the agenda at LOVOO. This way we guarantee a high-quality, stable and reliable software and are able to integrate new employees quickly.


Our Scrum teams work together in sprints of two weeks to improve LOVOO continuously. By this we can ship new versions of the LOVOO app regularily.


Kanban helps us to keep track also in teams with dynamic requirements. Every team uses that agile framework that fits best.


Agility starts at the mangement level. By running cross-functional teams in the whole company, we keep the startup feeling at LOVOO.


With LOVOO Hackathons, we have created a format that helps us break away from our own processes and enter new territory. Whether the development of a remote-controlled, intelligent robot or a terminal for testing different levels of development of mobile apps – this is how rocket science was born!

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Tech talks and lightning talks

It is important to look beyond the horizon. We report on new findings, technologies and experiments at regular Tech Talks and Lightning Talks. In this way, a large company such as LOVOO can grow in a quick and flexible manner and work together across departments.

Tech talks at LOVOO

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