ARD consumer test shows that LOVOO is beating its competitors in the fight against fake profiles

Berlin, 12.06.2016 – The ARD advice magazine “Vorsicht Verbraucherfalle” investigated several dating portals for the presence of fake profiles in its Monday edition. The result shows that, at 1.4%, LOVOO has the smallest share of fake profiles by comparison. At more than 25% above this value, competitors come off considerably worse than LOVOO. The comparison reveals that fake profiles are still a relevant problem for dating platforms, however, there are methods for effectively managing the fight.

The matter of fake profiles is of great significance to the entire sector. For some time now, we have taken measures to keep our platform free from fake profiles. The independent results of the ARD tests have shown us yet again that our measures are bearing fruit. Now it is important that we maintain this standard and further improve it”, says LOVOO COO Florian Braunschweig, taking stock of the test results.

LOVOO employs a specialist team which deals with the identification of fake profiles. An automatic anti-spam system is used for this, which identifies the suspect profile by means of usage behavior. Up to 75% of all fake profiles are identified with this system. The remaining 25% are either reported by other users or identified by support employees.

What’s more, LOVOO publishes a Fake and Spam Transparency Report every quarter in order to grant the public insights into the internal figures as well as the daily fight against fakes and spam.

Fake profiles can appear in many forms and are based on many different motives: from financial fraud of users through to the automatic bot, which is designed to draw traffic to a special site.

The overall result of the “Vorsicht Verbraucherfalle” is available in the ARD Mediathek.