3 – 10 – 3 : Brazil’s Perfect Flirt Formula

Berlin, 27th of June 2014: The exultant atmosphere of this football season is the perfect setting for a game-time flirt wherever you’re watching- a statement proven by an analysis from the international dating app LOVOO. During World Cup games, developers analyzed user behavior and saw that downloads in Brazil have doubled since 12 June and although usage dropped around the beginning of the game, activities increased by over 60% during halftime. Showing that the World Cup has spiked the interest to flirt via mobile.

To help prevent a flirt from turning into a moment of shame, LOVOO asked its over 1 million users from the number 1 flirt nation on the South American continent for some advice on how to flirt like a Brazilian. Here were Brazil’s tips:

1. 3-10-3 is the Brazilian flirt formula.

3 seconds of intense eye contact, 10 seconds of looking away and another 3 seconds of eye contact. A look (or glance) is more important than a thousand words, and a double-take conveys the most meaning.

2. The most important accessory in Brazil is a wide, honest and happy smile.

Different from Germany and other nations that tend to play it more cool and aloof, Brazilians use their money-makers to draw attention. A smile and a strong presence are essential for a successful flirt. This is why users who are smiling in their profile pics have the best chance of getting a date.

3. Boring and normal is never going to cut it.

Being creative in that first chat or conversation is crucial, if you can’t pull it off, you’ve likely lost your chance. This is something LOVOO has noticed frequently among female users in other countries as well. Standard texts are rarely answered. When somebody shines with something original and personal to start off the conversation, that person has already made it one step further.