Every day, we at LOVOO wonder about questions

Like the following: How can we make meeting new people easier and even more fun? Do our users like the app enough that they will return often? Can we support the process of meeting interesting people with a particular design tweak or some new cool feature?

Questions alone don’t get you far, answers based on data do. Enter the A-Team! (A for ‘Analytics’ and ‘Answers’, of course.) We focus on generating actionable insights from our data that advance the product development, and we promote data-driven decision making across the whole company.

Strictly speaking, the A-Team is actually two teams: the ‘back office’ consisting of data engineers, and the ‘field workers’, the product analysts. Before we can make use of our data, it needs to be extracted, transformed and loaded from the source systems into Hadoop, our most important analytics platform. This is what the data engineers do, working centralized on building the database architecture. The product analysts on the other hand are an integral part of their respective product feature teams. This way, they define, measure and visualize key metrics on the spot, making knowledge about the product faster accessible.

While the engineers come from computer science, software development or data warehousing, the analysts’ backgrounds are very diverse: customer relationship management, transport economics, the social sciences, communication science, and cognitive neuroscience.

Right now, when not busy creating dashboards for other units and answering questions that pop up in our feature teams, we are setting up our own experimental testing tool. Stay tuned for an article on Bayesian A/B testing with D1 retention as metric of interest.