Definite termination of proceedings against accused employees of LOVOO GmbH

– Legal proceedings definitely suspended after less than four months
– LOVOO to be the first dating app to quarterly publish ‘Fake and Spam Transparency Report’

After less than four months, the legal proceedings against the accused employees of LOVOO GmbH were suspended today, after a monetary fine of EUR 1.2 million was paid. The accused consented to pay this considerable sum of money in order to avert the burden of an ongoing investigation as early as possible from the company.  A large amount of the money will go to non-profit organisations in Saxony. Right from the start, LOVOO GmbH has fully cooperated with the investigating authorities during the entire investigation.

After the termination of the legal proceedings, LOVOO GmbH will continuously strive to rebuild the trust of its users, customers, partners and employees.

The measures taken up to reach this goal include new possibilities for verifying user profiles and technical improvements within the app, as well as new internal security regulations that apply for all employees. An integral part of the new measures is a more open communication of topics such as spam and fake profiles with the users and the public.

The management of LOVOO comments:

“Despite the challenges of the past few months, the millions of users of LOVOO prove us their trust by still meeting new people with LOVOO every day. We are very grateful for this. In future, we are counting on proactive communication and transparency to give our users and the public an understanding of the challenging fight against fake profiles and spam faced by our company. From October on, LOVOO will be one of the first big international dating apps to quarterly publish a ‘Fake and Spam Transparency Report’, which will give a comprehensive insight into this complex issue.”

An article on the topic “Fighting Fake & Spam” has recently been published by LOVOO:

On June 8, 2016, a search of the premises of LOVOO GmbH in Dresden and in Berlin took place. The grounds of the search were based on allegations from an anonymous source that accused the company of having used fake profiles in 2013 and 2014.