What should my application include?

Your application should include the following to help us get the best possible first impression of you:

Cover letter, CV, relevant references, earliest possible start date and your salary expectations. Positions in the creative field should also include work samples or a portfolio

Which form of application is preferred?

Although paper applications are fine, we prefer to receive applications via our online tool. It will take about 5 minutes and  it ensures that we can read and reply to your application quickly. Other documents for positions in the creative sector as work samples or portfolios can also be uploaded via our online tool.

Is it worth sending unsolicited applications?

If you didn’t see the right job for you, but you are confident that your talent would be an asset to us – then please go ahead and send in your unsolicited application via our online tool!

Are the advertised vacancies up to date?

As long as there is a vacancy on our job page, it can be safely assumed that this vacancy has not yet been filled and is up to date.

In which language should I write my application?

It would be best to write it in the same language as the job advertisement. If you apply for a position at our Berlin office, then English is usually appropriate.

Can I take on an internship at LOVOO as a student?

Of course! Especially if an internship is a mandatory part of your studies. The prerequisite, however, is that you can spend at least four months with us. Please specify the dates you will be available.

Can I write my Bachelor’s, Master’s or diploma thesis on LOVOO?

This goes without saying. It is not a problem as long as the topic is suitable. Send us an unsolicited application through our online tool specifying your desired topic and ideas.

Can I do a 2-3 week student internship at LOVOO?

Unfortunately not; it is not enough time to get a real feel of the company. However, you are welcome to apply to us if you have to complete an internship as a part of your studies.

What does the application process entail?

Once you have sent your application documents, we will have a look at them. This can take about 2 weeks as we receive a large number of applications everyday. If we think that you would be a good fit for us and have the potential to be a LOVOO rock star, we will normally invite you to an interview in Dresden or Berlin. If this is not possible due to the distance or a large number of applicants, we will use telephone interviews, Skype or GoToMeeting to get to know you better.

What must I keep in mind for the interview?

If we invite you to an interview, then you have already overcome the first hurdle. Simply prepare yourself well for the interview and be yourself. You can dress smart casual, rather than turning up in a business suit. We look forward to meeting you!

Who are we looking for?

Do you work well both in a team and independently? Do you value flat hierarchies and transparency? Then you meet the most important requirements for a job at LOVOO!

We like to see applicants with the necessary practical knowledge, rather than focussing on qualifications. Regardless of whether you are a student, career changer or someone who is self-taught, what is important to us is that you can stand up to the professional requirements of the position.

What do we expect from you?

We are a young and ambitious company and therefore need people who are sure-footed and want to drive the growth of LOVOO with a lot of energy and motivation. Commitment, initiative and creativity are crucial.

Are there any tests?

If you apply for a position in our customer service or development division, there will be some tests in addition to the interview.

Whom should I direct my queries to?

Do you have a query that was not answered here? Direct your queries to the human resources team. You can reach them at jobs@lovoo.com