LOVOO & Youth against AIDS Study

Sexual protection and contraception is still a taboo topic for young people. Germany’s youth not well-acquainted with the facts of life. On third does not use protection regularly.

-LOVOO and the ‘Jugend gegen AIDS e.V. ‘ (Youth against AIDS) did a study with more than 2500 youths on the topic of sexual education.

-34% of respondents accept the risk to infect themselves with a sexually transmitted disease.

-Almost 20% of men accept the risk of possible paternity fully aware of the fact.

These interesting outcomes are exemplary results from the shared study done by LOVOO and ‘Jugend gegen AIDS e.V.’ (Youth against AIDS) Youths in Germany ask questions about sex, sexual education and hygiene every day. But contrary to the assumption that the young generation is especially well informed, the study actually shows gaps in sexual education and knowledge. It shows, for example, that more than a third of the young people have sexual relations without worrying about the consequences of unprotected intercourse.

The survey about sexuality and knowledge about the facts of life and protection is the first of its kind in German-speaking countries. The questionaire was taken by 2500 participants aged between 16 and 21. All answers were collected within the LOVOO app and evaluated in cooperation with scientific partners. Youth against AIDS and LOVOO interconnect sexual education with the digital world and thus open new opportunities to find out what exactly it is that prevents and inhibits the supposedly well-educated young people from asking questions related to their sexuality.

The results show that almost 50% of all respondents would like to change some part of their body. While a large proportion of the youths feels well-informed in sexual matters, every fourth person said that they have no person of contact to discuss sexual matters with. A whole 25% are not confident enough to speak about their sexual needs with their partner and 32% of all youths questioned in the app also stated that sexual education did not make them feel more confident about themselves.

The use of apps like LOVOO helps young people to become more self-confident, with their sexuality and also with themselves. 42% of respondents mentioned this effect. More than 60% of all persons questioned are looking for a stable, long-term relationship. One interesting fact became clear through the survey and needs solving: 43% of study participants stated that communication about protection often does not get enough room in spontaneous meetings.
“Our study shows that even today in the age of digitalisation the issue of sexual education is more important than ever. It is possible to meet anywhere and instantly. This digital freedom can only work out, when young people develop an awareness for the sexual risks involved.”, emphasizes Florian Braunschweig, Co-Founder of LOVOO.
This survey introduces a series of events and happenings organized by Jugend gegen AIDS and clustered around the World AIDS Day on the 1 of December.

“It is our goal to show, together with LOVOO, how many young people doubt themselves, their body and their relationship with it. To show how many questions still remain unanswered. Everyone thinks that they are well educated in sexual matters, but as soon as you scratch the surface a bit, it becomes clear that we still have a lot of work to do” – Daniel Nagel, Chairman of the Board at Youth against AIDS.


About Youth against AIDS

Youth against AIDS is a voluntary initiative of young people for tomorrow’s society. They advocate passionately for sexual education on an equal footing. Whether they organize school workshops for their peers, or campaign very publicly at festivals and events – they stand for a pluralistic and sexually educated society in which sexuality should never be reason for fear, exclusion and stigma. Patron of the initiative is Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The initiative receives support from their council and from celebrities such as Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO), who awarded them the Facebook Smart Hero recently.