LOVOO loves YOU!

Our members are not anonymous users, but rather individual personalities. We can only offer you a product that meets your needs if we know what you are thinking and feeling. The reason why we developed LOVOO is very special: We wanted to created a new way to meet interesting people nearby.

The big love of Madeleine and Thomas - one of thousands happy LOVOO love stories
The big love of Madeleine and Thomas – one of thousands happy LOVOO love stories.

LOVOO love stories

We do everything we can to create the best dating app in the world. In October 2015, we have been asking our users to send us their most beautiful LOVOO love stories. And what shall we say: We have already received more than 1,300 messages within two days and are still completely overwhelmed! Many, many thanks for all the love stories, photos and even videos! We have read every single story and publish many of them on our LOVOO stories blog.

It is important to understand why people come to LOVOO. We regularly carry out surveys and invite testers so that we can get a better feel for our users. When it comes to getting to know people, we rely on our gut instinct and our own experiences. We keep our eyes and ears open so that we can provide the best experience in meeting new people!

Our Customer Service team helps us out with this and receives the feedback and experiences of our users. We help each individual find the right match with LOVOO.

Our user research team led several surveys in London in order to understand how dating works in this metropolis.

The connection between user research, data analysis and our product team is very important in order to evaluate innovative concepts.