On September 29th 2016 the proceedings against the accused of the LOVOO GmbH have been suspended. The accused have been under suspicion of having created fake profiles in the years 2013 and 2014.

We are continuously working on improving the user experience of LOVOO. This includes the daily and meticulous fight against fake and spam profiles. We are publishing a Fake & Spam Transparency Report starting from October 2016 on a quarterly basis, which provides information on the background of fighting fake and spam at LOVOO. You can find out more about the basic functioning of our anti-spam system in our blog.

However, it can happen that attackers bypass our security mechanisms and introduce spam profiles into the LOVOO platform for a short time. For this reason, we would like to give our users the opportunity to reclaim undesirable costs. In the event that our users believe that they have paid for spam profiles over the last three months, they can fill out the refund form to request a refund. The request should include a screenshot of the suspicious profiles.

The refound program is running since September 29th for a period of 14 days.