Between #confetti and #rockstarstories: The 3rd LEVEL UP

The 30th of April could have been your typical Thursday but wasn’t: we celebrated our 3rd LEVEL UP Event and transformed our Dresden office into a huge playground. A day full of workshops, talks, and a big, fat party, that of course wouldn’t have been complete without our Berlin Team.

After a communal breakfast with a lot of coffee our founders faced their first LEVEL UP Q&A. For one hour they answered questions from „Where did you guys meet?“ to „Is Dresden to stay HQ?“ At 4pm the event was moved to the new and cool location Centrum Theater for the traditional LEVEL UP keynote.

The keynote kicked-off with a spectacular video intro and a huge load of confetti. Then, both Benjamin and Björn Bak stormed the stage, and started off with introducing our „Newbies“ that joined LOVOO in the last 4 months. Numbers and successes connected with the launch of our LOVOO V3 up-grade, and a preview on the LOVOO Labs were given. Another important part of the keynote was the announcement of our 5 company values that describe our philosophy perfectly:

  • We’re one family
  • We love mobile technology
  • We skyrock
  • We’re go-getters
  • We create for people, not users

But not only did we recap the last couple of months, we also took a look into the crystal ball: Where will LOVOO be and stand in 2016? Which countries will we conquer next? The answer: LOVOO goes America! And that is just the beginning, folks.


No wonder this keynote called for a Gin Tonic popsicle to cool off before the LEVEL UP Party. What happened at that party and how we brought the house down, well, that is another story. Suffice to say: What happens at LOVOO, stays with LOVOO!