Im Rahmen des Mobile Growth Summit nimmt Inga Teiserskyte, Sr. Ad Monetization Manager bei LOVOO, am Panel „MoPub Match!: The Dating Game Show Matching Publishers to Their Dream (Programmatic) Buyer!“ teil.

Inga wird zusammen mit Rachael Alter von Appreciate, Aoife Cassidy von REMERGE – App Retargeting, und Bastian Winterkemper von Liftoff Mobile, Inc an einer vielversprechenden Podiumsdiskussion teilnehmen. Die Moderation werden Nadine Sequeira Sham & Keenan Timko von MoPub übernehmen.

Das Besondere an der Session ist das Datingshow-Format:

„The world of mobile programmatic brings together tens of thousands of mobile app publishers and hundreds of DSPs around the world — but what determines how connections are made? In this fun and unique session, MoPub hosts a dating gameshow where a leading app publisher looks for the right match among several buyers. You’ll hear about how different DSPs, marketers & advertisers think about ad formats, data, performing under pressure, and more — and also about what publishers can do to make their inventory more valuable and attractive. Get ready to witness a match being made in (programmatic) heaven!“